Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

FDN is a holistic discipline that employs functional laboratory assessments to identify malfunctions and underlying conditions at the root of the most common health complaints. We help you to look underneath your symptoms to investigate the hidden stressors creating disease, malfunction, and chaos in your body. FDN does not provide a diagnosis for your disorder nor do we prescribe pharmaceuticals to mask your symptoms. Instead, we use a set of intelligent tests to eliminate guessing; review all results with you to ensure clinical correlation, and build custom protocols involving Diet, Rest, Exercise, Supplementation and Stress (“D.R.E.S.S.”) to reduce inflammation, fill nutritional voids, and help you rebuild your vital reserve.

Most importantly, we educate you on how to check-in and partner with yourself so you may prevent future illness.


Once we identify the causes of your symptoms, we will suggest healing protocols that will be your responsibility to implement and carry out. While completing new diet, exercise and/or supplement protocols, you may feel better or worse during the first few weeks. Everyone is unique—sometimes the healing process will zig-zag back and forth. If the body is in need of detoxification or rebalancing, you may or may not feel flu-like symptoms at first, and then shortly thereafter, feel your energy rebound. During this time, you will be asked to follow your protocol for 90 days and check in frequently so that we may suggest adjustments, if we deem necessary, but it will be up to you to follow the protocols and commit to the process.

I will be here to support you every step of the way.


is that I will see you as an individual with unique genes, unique symptoms and unique solutions. For that reason, I do not stock supplements. I rarely ever believe one protocol is identical for everyone. I am critical when it comes to suppliers of supplements and will only suggest them, if you are presenting with a nutrient insufficiency that cannot be replenished quick enough through the usage of food.

If you work with me to learn about your genetic diet, I will teach you which nutrients your body makes and which it needs your help to make, along with the protocols to create your own personal healing programs.

I understand your fears of leaving any functional office with an armful of products. I remember clearly leaving my Integrative Doctor’s office after my breast cancer diagnosis with 40 supplements, which I was grateful for at the time, but as I have become educated, I recognize that I only needed 30. 30 is still a lot but I needed 30. I had to fill huge nutritional voids, build my immune function, take down my viruses, build up my SigA and destroy some gut pathogens in order to rid my body of cancer. My supplements, at first were foreign to me, annoying and not convenient, But they were repairing me from the inside out, and I grew to treat them as my personal “super heroes”. Over the course of two years, I made a point to retest to monitor my improvements, and I downsized my supplements as my body filled its voids and fixed it’s malfunctions.

My promise to you is that I take what I suggest to you seriously. You will never receive supplements without ingredient labels or healing protocols without explanation. I will teach you how to self-treat so that you can get back to your SexyStrongLife.

xo, Sheri Levy

I t’s your journey. Do the best you can until you can do better and keep going. xoxo, SexyStrongLife, Sheri

It’s your journey. Do the best you can until you can do better and keep going. xoxo, SexyStrongLife, Sheri