gut health.


gut health: The microbiome, digestive soil, gut flora, microbiota, Bacterium...

“We are fortunate to be living in a time where our scientists have recognized that there is an entire universe of life living inside our gut that helps us with our immune system, cognitive (happy) function, vitamin creation and nutrient transport. What we feed ourselves and how we manage this internal universe is more important than we have ever imagined”. - Sheri Levy

Often we only pay attention to our gut when it is acting up; when our digestion and elimination processes are not working properly. What we should be doing is checking in with our gut after any trip out of the country, as part of our annual physical, and especially, after visiting anyone in a hospital or care facility.

Many do not realize that chronic constipation is described as a person who only goes to the bathroom once a day and that fatigue, bloating, loose stool or pellets are signs that the gut flora has an invader or it is out of balance. Stomach aches when you eat are not normal and acid reflux should not be managed with antacids. These are signs that the body is asking for your help. Your digestive process is the center of your healthy life. Please give it your top priority. xo

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