We are living in a highly complicated world where original foods have been pushed out for sweeter versions and even unnatural, genetically modified versions are abundant. Many of us just haven’t evolved fast enough to manage the new form of the food, nor the elevated levels of herbicides that come hidden in our choices.

Beside varying forms of celiac - the body may experience pain, fatigue, eczema, rashes, constipation and/or irritable bowel after eating a spice, food or chemical. For me, my headache creator was vanilla?? Vanilla was so random that I could never find it in an elimination diet. Pain or symptoms from a food intolerance can happen instantly, 3 hours or 3 weeks later, which is why actual IgA or IgG testing can speed healing.

Food Intolerances are not allergies. They are not foods that send you off to the emergency room or in search of an EpiPen. They are generally common foods that you have been eating for months or years in a gut that is no longer leak-proof. When the gut becomes leaky, larger food particles may slip into the body cavity. When this happens, white blood cells tag the food as an invader. They give it a warning but if they see this type of food particle again - outside of the digestive cavity - they will launch an attack. This attack causes inflammation which leads to stress on the body and may be at the root cause of your symptoms.

Starting your repair work eliminating food intolerances is often the most intelligent first step to healing.