No matter what you are going through once you heal your body, you will heal your entire life.
— Sheri Levy

SexyStrongLife Classes


Rewrite YOU

We are all so unique

  • Private Sessions - Customized to Your Healing Needs.

    • After our first meeting a custom program is put together based on your individual healing needs.

  • Group Health: Gather 6-8 Friends for a SexyStrongLife Rebuild

    • Group SSLIFE delivers 1 full private session to get you started on working on your unique YOU and then 11 group classes*.

    • Classes run 45 min-1hr virtual or in-person, meeting once a week or once a month, depending on group consensus.

  • Couples Classes | Preparing for Pregnancy Prior to Conception

    • Personalized classes to prepare a couple for a healthy pregnancy

    • Fertility support and healing

  • Cooking Classes for Beginners

    • Learn basics of cooking and individual or family recipes

      • (*Offered for 90-Day Clients Only)


  • Genetic Diets | Stop Guessing

  • It's Not in Your Mind, It's In Your Gut | Nutritional Psychology

  • Stopping Cancer Before It Starts | What Everyone Should Know About Pro-Active Healing

  • Finding the “y” in Cancer.

  • Your Body At College. An Owner’s Manual and Emergency Kit.

  • Hormones. Is Aging a Disease?

  • Transformation. Your Body’s Owner’s Manual.

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