It's all ABOUT YOU


Getting to the root of your “why” takes some investigation. We’re all so unique. Plan on our first meeting being 2-3 hours.

I realize a long first meeting is not conventional but I truly believe you want to get better sooner than later. Agree? Allowing me to see the "original you" the first time we meet will be a better use of your healing energy. 

As we work together we will reexamine your life from perinatal to present, using proprietary analysis and scientific research to thoroughly explore any roadblocks that may be responsible for the health deficits you are currently facing. From an understanding of the real you, custom tests or protocols will be designed to help guide you back to your SexyStrongLife. 

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My most often asked question: "Will I lose weight"? Weight-loss is the bonus of a healthy body - should the body need to lose weight to be healthy, it will.  If it needs to gain weight, you should let it. I'm really not focusing on the numbers of a scale because being heavy or too thin is just a symptom of dysfunction or genetic breakdown. It is really exciting when you reach a weight goal and I am happy if you are happy. I really just want you to be healthy - like what your mom wanted for you when you were born, "Please G-d, just let this child be healthy". That thought becomes my thought when I see you.  

If you are anxious, depressed, moody, irritable losing focus quickly, emotionally fragile, suffering from IBS, unexpected weight gain, weight loss, perimenopause, autoimmune, low libido, sore breasts, irregular cycles, hair loss, insomnia or just looking to make sure the next milestone remains even healthier, then I encourage you to come and explore who you really are.

The study of Functional Nutrition, nutrigenomics, living through breast cancer and some brilliant mentors are what provide me with knowledge to choose labs you will never hear about in your regular Doctor’s office. These tests not only identify how to nutritionally feed your genes to their best expression but also what nutrients and/or supplements your body may need to repair. They can even tell you if you have cancer or are on your way to cancer before viewing technology can see it. These are hand-picked tests and the ones I wish I had before my diagnosis. xo

Living a SexyStrongLife®, inside and outside. Knowing you are healthy should be easier.