No matter what you are going through once you heal your body, you will heal your entire life.
— Sheri Levy

SexyStrongLife Classes


Rewrite YOU

We are all so unique

  • Private Sessions - Customized to Your Healing Needs.

    • After our first meeting a custom program is put together based on your individual healing needs.

  • Group Health: Gather 6-8 Friends for a SexyStrongLife Rebuild

    • Group SSLIFE delivers 1 full private session to get you started on working on your unique YOU and then 11 group classes*.

    • Classes run 45 min-1hr virtual or in-person, meeting once a week or once a month, depending on group consensus.

  • Couples Classes | Preparing for Pregnancy Prior to Conception

    • Personalized classes to prepare a couple for a healthy pregnancy

    • Fertility support and healing

  • Cooking Classes for Beginners*

    • Learn basics of cooking and individual or family recipes
      (*Offered for 90-Day Clients Only)


  • How to Live a SexyStrongLife, Inside and Outside

    • When your inside function, matches your outside beauty, you win. Learn how to recognize symptoms and what to do to correct healthy balance of hormones, digestion, mood, cognitive function and more.

  • Genetic Diets | Stop Guessing What Diet is Right For You

  • It's Not in Your Mind, It's In Your Gut | Nutritional Psychology

  • Stopping Cancer Before It Starts | What Everyone Should Know About Pro-Active Healing

  • Finding the “y” in Cancer.

  • Your Body At College. An Owner’s Manual and Emergency Kit.

  • Hormones. Is Aging a Disease?

  • Transformation. Owning Your Body’s Owner’s Manual.

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