“My heart is racing. All of a sudden out of nowhere I am feeling anxious. I am sweating. I am panicking”. These are often signs unrelated to being worried about a test, a bad date, a problematic boss or a job task. That anxious feeling may be the brain simply searching for nutrients or it may be the thyroid struggling, or the adrenals depleted.

A couple of insightful tests may discover the missing nutrients you need to gain back control over your mind and body.

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You have a wonderful social life and support but you are crying randomly in class or at work. WTH? This is a common feeling. You are not alone.

Sometimes emotional fragility is a symptom of too much estrogen trapped and not flowing out of the body properly, a backed up COMT gene. It can also be a sign that the thyroid is out of balance or the body is missing nutrients to stabilize. Nutritional Psychology helps you to explore if nutritional deficiency is at the core of your emotional fragility. We then teach you how to heal yourself using practical holistic protocols and nutrition. The goal is to help give you back greater control over your emotions so you no longer having to fake your happiness xo.


Emotional fragility




There is nothing funny about depression.

Depression that doesn’t come from an emotional loss or experience can often be the mind’s way of telling you it is not being fed properly. 90% of serotonin is made in the gut so investigating the health of your gut and if your body is absorbing nutrients is often a critical first step towards repairing mental wellness.

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