Nutritional Genetics

Your Body’s Owner’s Manual

DNA is not cement. It is fluid and ever-changing based on your lifestyle and environment. The genome is the complete set of DNA, and where you find the instructions to build health. The DNA remains fixed for life, but the epigenome remains flexible. By using food properly, you can begin healing and reverse the possibility of future disease. - Sheri Levy

Nutrigenomics answers not only what diet you should be eating but it shares with you what foods help support cognitive function, healthy genetic expression, physical endurance and vital strength. It even provides insight into your hormones and thyroid function, and the foods you should avoid.

This report provides you with much more than just your diet choices. It provides you with your body’s owner’s manual to use as a road map to your future health and vitality.

It is a book we should have all been given at birth but are better off having at any time of our lives than not at all.


This lab requires one small swab and in 3-5 weeks it provides you with 50 pages about you. The report is detailed and a bit techy - so it is suggested you make two visits to gain an accurate assessment of how all of the genes work together to create your foundation.

I grew up with Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Keto and Pescatarian friends and like them, I tried every diet imaginable. I falsely thought I should be Vegan or Vegetarian in my early years and Keto or Low-Fat in my late 20s. This guessing game went on for more than 1/2 my life.

Once I completed my genetic diet it was clear to me that I was unintentionally doing internal damage being a Vegan and Vegetarian. That diet, for me, was incorrect because genetically, my body could not transfer plant based omegas from flax and walnuts into EPA and DHA that I needed to run my brain. An entire family can have different nutritional needs, i.e. the mother may be a carnivore and her child may be a vegan. It is time we stop guessing how to eat based on the latest fad or peer pressure. It’s time to answer, “What diet is right for me?”